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7 Essential Business Systems To Make 6-Figures Without Burning Out

Running your own business involves a zillion details and moving parts.  If you’re relying on yourself to remember all of these, you WILL get burned out.  Things WILL fall through the cracks.   Make no mistake: you need systems.

A system is simply a series of steps for a particular task or project.   The cool part?  You shouldn’t be the one executing the system.  Once you have systems documented, you can hand them off to key team members – this is how you begin to create a business that runs without you.

The first step to getting your systems house in order is creating an operations manual. This can be a simple Word document (shared online in a program like Google Docs) or I like to use Basecamp (from  Your manual is a collection of systems, or lists that detail the key steps involved in running and growing your business.

If you’ve never systematized anything in your business before, take heart – if you take the same steps to achieve particular tasks in your business more than once, you already have the makings of a system for that task.  The key is to hone, refine and ultimately delegate the RIGHT systems that are going to grow your business.

Which systems should you implement FIRST?  Below are my top 7 systems that I used to create over $500k in revenue in just two years:

1. A system to attract new clients.

Your business growth depends on your ability to attract new, highly qualified, highly awesome ideal peeps into your world, month in and month out.  (The easiest way to get started?  A signature system, a signature talk, and local speaking gigs.  Simple, streamlined and proven.)

2. A system to turn interested clients into invested clients.

Pop quiz: what happens when a potential new client contacts you or your team out of the blue?   When you invest time, energy and attention to attract new clients, it only makes sense to have a system that kicks in to turn these interested potential clients into invested new clients.

3. A system to follow up with potential clients (after events, networking, or in-person meetings).

Nothing closes the “know-like-trust” gap faster than face-to-face connection, which means that every event you attend can mean thousands of dollars in business for you – if you follow up.  Next time you find a stack of business cards in your purse, ask yourself, “How can I systematize follow-up within 48 hours of the event?”  (Hint: get your assistant involved! 😉 )

4. A system for “keep in touch” follow-up (such as a newsletter).

There is no way that you can expect to fill your programs easily if you’re not doing SOME kind of follow-up.   Period.   (I don’t make the rules, Goddess, I just profit from them. 😉 )

Whether it’s a newsletter, a video newsletter, an evergreen autoresponder, or a blog (used in conjunction with email), you’ve got to do something and do it consistently.  Which means… you need a system.

5. A system to welcome new clients.

When a new client signs up, there’s excitement… and terror.  She’s thinking a zillion things, not the least of which is, “Did I really make the right move, giving $5000 to this person?”  And, “I just gave $5000 to this person… what happens now?”  Systematize the love to reassure them, get them in motion (to create results faster) and minimize the chances of them backing out of their commitment to themselves.

6. A system to serve clients in your programs.

Every program you offer needs to have a system behind it for scheduling the calls, delivering the calls, recording calls, distributing the calls, communicating with your peeps and whatever else you do to deliver the goods.  Your clients DO notice these details, which, when done well, leads to better results and repeat business.

7. A system to manage your cash.

Your cash flow system should include “buckets” for incoming money (X for taxes, Y for expenses, Z for your salary, and so on).  And always pay yourself, even if it’s just one dollar – the action matters more than the amount when you’re just getting started.

3 More Systems To Automate Your Business Growth:

8. A system to fill your programs.

Whether you’re just getting started or an empire builder in the making, your revenue comes from filling your programs – i.e., launching.  Without launching, your income will dwindle.  Without systems, launches can quickly take over your life.

9. A system to generate referrals.

The best clients come from your awesome current clients.  Awesome current clients love to refer, so make it easy on them.  (Which makes your business growth easy on you – win!)

10. A system to host teleseminars with partners.

This one’s a little more advanced, but it can’t be beat for building your list, creating great relationships, and signing on clients.  Once you have a signature talk, you can turn it into a teleseminar that you host for your partners’ communities.  Follow-up and sales are easy to automate with a shopping cart or email management software like Aweber.

Are you working too hard in your spiritual business?  Do you know you’re missing out on clients, losing opportunities to serve and bleeding income because you don’t have your systems in place? Get ready to get excited because my signature 6-figure training for spirit-driven entrepreneurs, Goddess Business School, returns in January 2012!  I’ve got lots of high-value no-cost goodies planned for you as we get closer to registration this fall.  Want to be put on the priority notification list for when we open?  Email Client Care Goddess Gretchen at with “Goddess Business School priority list” in the subject line.

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