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Every moment is an opportunity to receive

Recently I attended a workshop with Debbie Rosas, founder of the Nia Technique, called Awakening The New Feminine Spirit. At the beginning of the workshop, Debbie lead us through a powerful exercise on receiving.

All around me, women were experiencing breakthroughs. Meanwhile, I was having a mini-meltdown. :(

(This is what the coaches in my mastermind call “The Elizabeth Purvis Transparency Model” – ha!)

During the discussion that followed, women shared their insights – some small, some profound… almost universally positive. Am I the only one struggling with this? I thought.

Finally, I raised my hand. “Um…” I said tentatively. “Am I the only one with the big blocks to receiving right now?”

Debbie smiled at me with kindness and said, “How can it be hard? You’re receiving all day long.”

I pondered that as she walked over (in possibly the most awesome boots ever in the history of anything) and held out her hand. “See? Hi, I’m Debbie.”

And finally, I got it. Hi, I’m Elizabeth. We are receiving all day long.

Receive a breath.

Receive your food.

Receive the sunlight.

Receive a smile.

Every moment is an opportunity to receive. Problem is, we don’t stop, so we don’t receive. And so we want more, more, more.

As women, we are designed to receive. “And when you do,” says Debbie, “all sorts of amazing things begin to happen.”

(Yeah, I can vouch for that. 😉 )

My coach’s request to you this week is to consciously receive. To help you, I’ll share a little mantra I created for my Goddess Business School goddesses:

As a goddess, I receive.

Bright blessings and massive success to you…

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