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Are You Putting Too Much In Your Platinum Programs?

Once upon a time, one of my Platinum clients came to her coaching session feeling very frustrated. “I’ve transitioned everyone from 1-on-1 to Platinum and have new clients, but I’m still working too hard,” she said. “Help!”

When I had a gander at her current offering, the problem was clear: there was still waaay too much in the program. So even just a few clients were taking up all of her time, leaving her exhausted at the end of the day and derailing her marketing plans.

My client is definitely not alone. When women with big hearts and big missions step into higher-end offerings, the temptation is to add more. Big concerns include “is it enough?” and “are they going to get their money’s worth?” I need to make sure it’s worth it, they think.

Problem is, when you overstuff your programs, it doesn’t matter how much clients are paying you… too much “stuff” and all of a sudden you’re working like a dog. Again.

Adding more to your programs because you’re charging more is really a sneaky form of discounting. Here are 3 tips to help you curb the urge to give too much:

1. Have another look at your program “doo dads” – after you’ve cut deliverables in half. “Doo dads” is my term for program components – number of sessions, VIP days, just-in-time calls, etc. When it comes to programs of considerable investment, doo-dads have a habit of creeping up, up, up.

Like any first draft, you should always let your program design “rest” for a day or two. Then look at it again. Ask of every component, “Do they really need this to get results, or is this piece really about me?”

2. Be clear on your boundaries. What do you need to do, and how do you need to show up? What do they need to do, and how do they need to show up?

One of my core beliefs as a coach is that my clients will get exactly what they need out of my programs. Coming from that space, what do you think happens? Clients get exactly what they need… and more. Hold the space of I need to be the one to make sure they get enough and what happens? Clients can sense when you’re getting attached and drained.

3. Get connected with the results. Have you ever thought about what clients are really investing with you for? Most coaches, consultants and healers focus on the information they give their clients, and often despair because information isn’t the hot commodity it once was. “Why would someone pay me if they can get it for free (or really cheap) on the Internet?”

Answer: because if they could have done it on their own, they would have done it by now. That’s why 60% of what clients are paying you for is to hold them accountable to what they really want.

And one bonus tip to inspire you…

Get connected to the TRUE COST of giving away your time.

Time is our one non-renewable resource. You can always make more mo’ney, but when your time is gone, it’s gone. Which means: when you give away your time, you give away your dream. (In big chunks and small.)

So what happened with my client? She immediately stopped taking on new clients in the old way, and as she enrolls new clients, they get exactly what they need… with a lot less of her time.

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