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3 Mo-ney Mindset Must-Haves for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Most of us go into business for ourselves for so many yummy reasons: to honor our calling, to have an impact in the world, to create freedom for ourselves and the ones we love, to leave a legacy.  Ah, but little do we know when we first start out that spiritual entrepreneurship is really a spiritual growth path in disguise! To succeed as a business owner requires us come face to face with “our stuff,” and transform limiting beliefs and behaviors into those that will support our success.

Nowhere is this more apparent than our beliefs about mo-ney, what it means to make mo-ney, and what it means to be spiritual and make mo-ney.  When it comes to these things, it can feel like we’re pushing the boulder up the hill of old baggage.  Beliefs like “rich people are greedy/bad/evil,” “I’ll lose all my friends if I create more money” will absolutely keep us stuck, safe and small.  But how do we begin to change beliefs that are so deep-rooted?

There are many ways to shift beliefs – indeed, dozens if not hundreds (or thousands?) of courses have been devoted to the topic.  My favorite way is to “try on” a new belief and then make it my own by acting from that place… even if it feels “fake” or uncomfortable at first. Here, then, are 3 transformative, empowering money beliefs for you to take on and make your own:

1. “Making great money is part of my spiritual path.” This one comes from one of my mentors, Kendall SummerHawk.  It took me a little while to wrap my head around it at first (can you relate?) but through experience, I fully began to understand its power.  Here’s the deal: in business, the money you make is a direct reflection of the value you provide to others.  If helping lots of people through your business is a part of your spiritual path (and for most of us spiritual entrepreneurs, it is), it’s impossible to be fully activated, expressed and living that path and NOT make great money.  (So how do we get there?  Embrace the belief first.)

2. “I empower others by giving them the choice to invest in my services.” Many spiritual entrepreneurs believe that they’re being generous or caring when they give away too much of their time, or when they give service away for free.  But because people only value what they invest in, giving yourself away actually robs your clients of their choice to get the powerful transformation they want.  The act of investing will cause your client to step up into a more powerful, confident sense of themselves… and by not discounting, you stand in your power as well.

3. “When I make great money, I give others permission to do the same.” The beautiful thing about this empowering belief is that it gives YOU permission to step into your greatness.  (Or step into your grace-ness, as one of my clients likes to say – love that!)  Imagine what the world would be like if all the spiritual people in the world truly gave themselves permission to receive money… and what amazing things we could do with it….

Remember, changing your results starts with changing your beliefs. To put these new beliefs into action, become aware of when your old beliefs are popping up (hint: this will often look like a challenging or uncomfortable situation).  Then ask yourself this question:

“As someone who believes [new belief]… what action do I wish to take?”

For example…

“As someone who believes that making great money is part of my spiritual path…”

“As someone who believes that when I make great money, I give others permission to do the same…”

“As someone who believes that I empower others by giving them a choice to invest in my services…”

“… what action do I wish to take?”

I invite you to “try on” at least one of these 3 new beliefs this week. Take action from the new place, even if it feels a little wiggy or uncomfortable at first.  Soon you’ll discover your energy shifting from a place of uncertainty to a place of personal power – the best energy state from which to grow your business!

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