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Spirit Rich Entrepreneur Spotlight: Jacquie Molloy

“From zero to a five-figure month – in just a few months!”

Jacquie Molloy,
Executive Communications Coach

Two years ago I was taken out of my business by an injury. Until then I had been merrily rolling along with a six-figure business as a sole practitioner. The phone was ringing. And I was working. But I was working too hard, I was remaining the best-kept secret in a tight circle of clients (which I thought was a good thing), and I had a hit a ceiling that I reached, but could not pass, year after year.

Cut to Elizabeth’s MMM program. Although I had taken another course and done the work to identify my real niche and how I wanted to work with them, I knew I was stuck — and I knew it wasn’t necessarily related to what marketing action to take next. It was a deeper level of ‘story’ & a more insidious kind of ‘stuck’.

The area I knew I needed most help with, starting over again at zero, was mindset. I needed to redesign the business to match my shift from practitioner to expert adviser and I needed to support, and direct, the actions I was taking with clarity around how my beliefs were either helping or hurting me.

I was drawn to Elizabeth’s energy and her absolute no-nonsense ‘roll up your sleeves and get in there and take action’ approach. It was the right decision. The mindset work in particular that we have done in the MMM program has been a powerful catalyst in helping me to take action & grow my business.

I can see clearly now where I have been hiding out (and calling it something else) and where I have limited myself even when the words coming out of my mouth suggested something else entirely. And I’ve been able to let go of one of the biggest crippling forces in my life: perfectionism.

Thanks to Elizabeth’s coaching, and the help and support of my fellow MMM-ers, I have been able to take action — real action, not just ‘busyness’ — and not only reach my bold income goal, but smash through it. To go from zero to a 5-figure month in the space of a few months is better than good. Good would be one-off. But it is great to know that I have the skills and ability now to ‘turn it on’ and continue to achieve it, which I am on track to do.

Elizabeth’s advice is sound and her support is real. I have learned much about my business and myself through the MMM program and I know that this is the perfect combination on which to build a flourishing and successful business.

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