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Mindset + Manifestation Insights: Do you give up too soon?

When I tell people that I will be leaving my beloved New York City for Portland, Oregon in just a few weeks, the reaction I usually get is something along the lines of “So, are you excited?” Most of the time, the question is delivered with some reservation, a checking out if I’m really okay with it.

The answer is, I’m thrilled. For one thing, it’s just not that hard to get back to NYC. It just isn’t. (There are these crazy mini-miracles called airplanes. Hello!) Plus, in my heart I know it’s time for something different, and that a bigger game is waiting for me on this side of the country.

That said, it’s not like I haven’t been feeling some resistance. It takes time to learn a new city. If there’s one thing my manifesting mind craves, it’s information so I can get a clear picture of what I am creating. And I will admit that the inability to picture exactly what we want when it comes to finding a new place to live has been frustrating.

One of the ways resistance shows up for me is in an unpleasant state that I’ve termed “crankypants” – negative, poor me, doom-and-gloom thinking. At the end of day 3 of our house-hunt, I was wearing the crankypants. “We’ll never find a place! We may as well give up now. Wah!”

(Don’t you love it when I get transparent in this ezine? :) )

A curious phenomenon happens when I’m rocking the crankypants: Leland gets very annoying. Why? Because he’s very good at talking me out of it. He said, “Have you ever accomplished anything this significant and important in just 3 days?”

One of the most important skills you can ever develop as an entrepreneur is the ability to take action on what you CANNOT see. Looking at the evidence in front of you, such as an early failure or something not working out as you expect, and taking action based on that alone will cause you to stop. Creating what you want takes faith and courage, and a persistence even when all the external signs seem to say that you “failed.”

My breakthrough on the rental front is that I needed to better understand what, exactly, we’re looking for in a new home in order to find it. Those early failures were not failures at all, because now I have a clear picture of what our perfect “starter digs” in Portland look like.

So my question to you is, what’s one thing you set out to manifest in your life and business, but you gave up too soon? Where did you give up on something you truly wanted because it wasn’t quite working out as you expected?

(Of course, it’s perfectly fine to change your mind on decisions sometimes, especially as you get feedback. But there’s a difference between course correcting and hiding out. In your heart, you know the difference.)

My coach’s request to you is to revisit your goal and that early failure – what else could that failure be telling you, that allows you to move forward with confidence? And what’s the next step you need to take?

Bright blessings and massive success to you…

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