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Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot Launch

Spirited Entrepreneur Spotlight: Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot Launch

“350 orders placed!”

This week I’m celebrating a tremendous success with one of my Private Platinum clients, Joanna Powell Colbert. (That’s Joanna and I pictured at The Readers Studio, the annual industry event for Tarot lovers.)

Before she “went Platinum,” Joanna and I worked together in my Abundant Business Mastermind program, earlier this year.  One of our goals?  To create a launch plan for Joanna’s masterpiece, The Gaian Tarot.

As anyone in the Tarot community can tell you, The Gaian Tarot is one of the most-loved decks out there – and it hadn’t even been completed yet.  While the Gaian Tarot is slated for publication by Llewellyn in 2011, Joanna wanted to create a special collector’s edition for her peeps – family, friends and fans who have supported her on the journey of the deck’s creation.  So we crafted a plan to pre-launch the collector’s edition.

Joanna knew there would be plenty of interest in her launch – after all, she has a great relationship with her audience and her deck is highly anticipated.  Nonetheless, when the numbers came in, we were both completely bowled over.  Joanna sold 350 copies – a number that far exceeded her original intention. Yowza!

On her blog, Joanna said:

“The success of the Special Offer is due not only to the project itself (the deck and book and goodies that come along with it), but also to the marketing plan. […]  I want to acknowledge and honor the Marketing Goddess, Elizabeth Genco Purvis, for her guidance during this process, as well as the other women who were in the Abundant Business Mastermind Group with me.

And the lesson here, dear Readers, is this:  if I can do it, so can you!  (Every one of us has a special gift to give to the world.  What’s yours?  And how are you offering it to the world?)”

My heart-felt congratulations, Joanna – I love you and am honored & grateful to be your coach.

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